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My name is Matilda Lindell and I’m a voice coach, touring singer and recording artist. My fascination for the voice never stops. Do you feel the same? You're in the right place!! 

I'm dividing my time teaching singers and voice teacher to evolve their voice and toolbox, and performing the stages across the US as one of the lead singers of the tribute act ABBA The Concert. And I just released a few of my own renditions of a ABBA songs! If you are curious to listen, click here! 

After graduating music college, I have continued studying the voice until this day. I'm a Certified Master Trainer in Estill Voice Training, have taught voice professionals and amateurs around the world, in person but nowadays online. And when I'm out on the road or in the studio, I'm always experimenting and testing what I've learned. I'm looking forward to share and discuss some insights with you!

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