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Unlocking Your Vocal Range: Tips and Techniques

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The False Vocal Folds: The Good and the Bad

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The Stage: Dealing with Performance Nerves

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All about the Breath: Sing from the Diaphragm, what??

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How do I know if I'm BELTING?

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Attractor states in Your Voice

Introducing your Podcast Hosts!

Ā Hi there,

I'mĀ Matilda Lindell!

A voice coach, Certified Master Trainer in Estill Voice Training, and touring singer. I'm dividing my time performing the stages across the US, andĀ helping professional and aspiring singers to discover their vocal superpowers and pursue their voice goals. and I'm loving every piece of it!

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Hi, Iā€™m Kristy Hunter!

An International Singer, Speaker, Songwriter, Vocal Coach, and Mentor. Iā€™m the creator of the Vocal Connection and believes that connecting your voice to your emotions through singing and songwriting can heal the soul and help you through the hardest of times.

I use music to help people gain confidence and breakthrough their limiting beliefs so that they can become their greatest creative selves.

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