"The Secret To Making Your High Notes Fly!"

Uncover my top three strategies to stop pushing and start belting! This video training will make your belt more powerful without tiring your voice!




   In this training you will... 

  • Learn about the main features in belting so you can confidently belt without the fear of cracking in your higher range.
  • Discover how to create big sounds without getting worn out.
  • Find out my proven strategy on how to practice in the best way to find your preferred belt without pushing, flipping to head voice or building up unwanted tension.
  • Explore tried and true ways to problem solve your belt when it’s not working the way you want it to. 
  • Hear about how my belting framework can help you find and keep thickness in the higher range without unnecessary effort or reaching a ceiling in your voice. 
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Hi there, singer!

My name is Matilda Lindell - a voice coach, Certified Master Trainer in Estill Voice Training, and touring singer. I'm dividing my time performing the stages across the US, and helping professional and aspiring singers to discover their vocal superpowers and pursue their voice goals. and I'm loving every piece of it! Being on the road and having a busy life as a singer, I had to find a way to a sustainable technique, to keep on touring and doing what I love. The benefits of experimenting right there on stage has been an extreamly valuable part. I would love to share my experiences and strategies with you so come join me for this fullpacked session from a live belting challenge with hundreds of singers and voice teachers around the world! :) 

 No matter where you are in your belting journey - beginner, experienced, voice teacher - this training will give you new insights and tools!  

The session is the replay of a Facebook live 5-day belting challenge and I'm treating you to a free preview of the first day, fullpacked with tips and trick, questions and answers! Throughout the challenge, I broke down some of the parts you need to create and choose your different belt sounds in a healthy, efficient and confident way. This first session includes some of my favorite foundational key parts you can't skip. This will be good for your technique in general, not only for belting. 

I'm ready to belt!
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Matilda is my go to when it comes to solving voice problems for myself and my students. She is a great mentor who will always be in your corner!

- Johanna Halvardson, Professional singer and voice coach

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 This is not only belting, it's so much more! Matilda is an excellent voice coach, always encouraging, attentive and full of never ending solutions for your voice!

- Johanna Palmqvist, professional singer 

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I like Matilda's explanations! Sometimes a singer or coach just teaches without really understanding it totally. I learned so much from her!

- Linn Iv, professional singer and voice coach

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