So you can master this emotional voice technique and build the belt of your dreams!

YES, I'm ready to BELT!!

Does it feel like you're yelling instead of belting?

Join the proven system and effortlessly hit those powerful high notes much faster, without any guesswork and getting worn out.

No more cracking or pushing! 

 After the course you will... 

  • Leave your audience in awe by knowing how to create the ultimate belt sound! 
  • Master the mystery of how your favorite singers create those big sounds without pushing, getting worn out or losing power.
  • Optimize your belt for more power and stamina. 
  • Smooth out all the breaks and maintain the core and intensity! 
  • "Place” your voice where you want and know what the heck that really means :)
  • And so, so, so much more!!


Breaking Down The Belt 

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey where we'll dive deep into the world of belting, at your own pace! So you can binge watch the 12 session if that's what you prefer 😊

We'll uncover the secrets behind the anatomy and science of belting, breaking down every part of the process to help you create and choose your unique belt sounds with confidence and ease. It might sound complicated, but when you know what you're doing - belting gets so much easier! And that's not all – the techniques you'll learn will not only enhance your belting skills, but also take your overall singing technique to the next level! 

With my guidance, you'll learn how to practice and get the results you want.

Say goodbye to vocal fatigue and hello to effortless belting as we delve into the tips and tricks used by your favorite singers!

I'm ready!!

"This course is what I have been dreaming of my whole life. I’ve gotten the keys that I have been missing and I am so happy to be able to use my voice in a much more flexible way than before.

Matilda’s way of teaching is very clear and structured and I love the coaching parts - both getting coached and watching other people get coached.  Everything has been sooo great and valuable!"

- Sousou Cissoko, artist and singer, Sweden.

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This course is right for you if...

  • You have tried many things but if it worked you can't seem to get there again. You are not trusting your voice. 
  • You feel like you're yelling or you have no power at all. Your voice feels unstable.
  • You never know what will come out, either it works or... it doesn't.
  • Your belt sounds too harsh and scream like, instead of warm and rich.
  • Your belt sounds too heavy and effortful, like it's having a ceiling.
  • Teachers in the past have told you to place the voice "more forward" but you have no idea what they are talking about. 
  • The never ending confusing, vague promts have made you more lost.
  • You love to belt and have control over it, but it still feels tiring and not sustainable. 
  • Low notes are fine and high notes as well, but what the heck do you do in between? 
  • You just want to learn more about what is actually happening so you can really master it! 

I got you!!

Get the course!

Listen to what my student Kristy has to say about the course!


Hi there, singer!

My name is Matilda Lindell - a voice coach, Certified Master Trainer in Estill Voice Training, and touring singer. I'm living my dream, gracing stages across the US singing ABBA music, and I'm on a mission to help aspiring and professional singers like you discover their vocal superpowers and achieve their voice goals. And I'm loving every piece of it! 

The benefits of experimenting with all the things I've learnt, right there on stage, has been an extremly valuable part. I would love to share my experiences and strategies with you, so can build the belt of your dreams! Because I've been through it all and I know how you feel. Can't wait to follow you on your belting journey!

"Matilda is one of the most knowledgable vocal coaches I’ve met when it comes to technique and the anatomical aspects of the voice. Being a singer of genres that not typically is considered “belting genres” (jazz and folk), I was really surprised by how universal and multifaceted her course content was.

I got great tips that have helped me become a better and more sustainable singer, and it has enhanced my expression. 

Any singer can benefit from this course!"

- Matilda Bådagård, artist and composer, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Want a sneak peek inside? 

The course is so much more but here is the main content for each session ⇩

We will...

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Set your beautiful mind and voice up to be ready to tackle these sessions in the best way - so you can make the most of each training with a fresh perspective and reach your goals faster.


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Reveal the right place to start to assure you're in control of your voice - for a stable and effortless belt throughout your range.

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Master the crucial feature  "The Big Belt Foundation” which will guide you to success from your low to high notes - and make belting feel restful, open and easy.

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Train our “Belting Boosters” to enhance and stabilize our belting set up - to increase power, precision and stamina.

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Explore the “Celine Belt” infusing a hint of nasality - to help you migrate to higher notes while making sure you won’t lose the richness.

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Experience how your onsets, how you start a note, can hinder or help your belt - so you won’t fall into any unnecessary pitfalls and use them to find the perfect timbre.

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Uncover how to thin out our vocal folds without flipping into “head voice” or lose power - so you can bring your belt up high with intensity.

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Learn how to narrow the vocal tract to get a more projected and big sound - without your voice feeling heavy.

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Make a deep dive into diction, how to use it and when.. to reveal the amazing effects it has on your belting set up.

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Experiment with how your False Vocal Folds can be used as a cool effect or should be out of the way - to make sure your belt is free.

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Implement tricks to find my version of the “Quiet Belt”  - so you can feel limitless and last longer without compromising the sound.

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Fine tune our belt with the help of our tongue and lips, adjusting the "shimmer", or overtones for more precision and freedom - for a resonant, warm and powerful belt.

How does it work?

  1. The 12 sessions are already loaded up in your own course portal to watch at your own pace. Spacing it out over 12 weeks will give you time to digest and implement. 
  2. Every session is designed to teach you WHY we're practicing that tool, providing plently of ways HOW to find it and then some live coaching examples to help you IMPLEMENT.
  3. Any questions you have, ask them in the private Facebook group. 
  4. There is also a PDF accompanying each video so you know exactly what and how to practice to get closer to your dream belt.  
  5. You have access to the course for the lifetime it's up! So there is plenty of time to go back to these videos again and again.

6 monthly payments


  • 12 session with all the belting tools ready to go in your own "netflix"-portal
  • Clear written instructions on what to practice each week, so you know exactly what step to take next.
  • A private Facebook group with support and community for 6 months.
  • Bonus session: "Youtube University".
  • Lifetime access.

One time payment


  • Save $93 when you pay in full!
  • 12 session with all the belting tools ready to go in your own "netflix"-portal
  • Clear written instructions on what to practice each week, so you know exactly what step to take next.
  • A private Facebook group with support and community for 6 months.
  • Bonus session: "Youtube University".
  • Lifetime access.
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Private Facebook group for Questions and Community for 6 months!

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Access to a bonus "Youtube University" session where we are analyzing your favorite singers and what belting tools they are using!


Let's recap all the things you're getting!

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12 video sessions

..where I teach you one new part each week that you need for your dream belt!

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your own course portal

..where all the videos will be available to you.

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Written instructions

..inside the portal and also as downloadable PDF:s to keep with you.

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Private facebook group

..with extra support and a fabulous belting community! 

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Bonus video  

..Youtube University, where we analyze our favorite singers to better understand the sounds we've learnt.

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"I really enjoy Matilda’s teaching, she always explains things in ways that are useful for all ability levels. And how she instructs and demonstrates the quiet belt was game changing to me! She can make a difficult song sound so easy and now I understand how to get there with my own voice."

- Delorca, artist and voice coach, Montreal, Canada.

 It's time to say goodbye to the frustration and hello to the power of true belting!

ENROLL in "Breaking Down The Belt"!
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Watch the sessions, work on the parts, ask questions. If during the 30 first days you can't hear or feel new things in your voice - you’re backed by the 30-day money back guarantee! 

Most likely you will have many belting revelations as you go along, but if this course just wasn’t what you expected, I will meet with you to hear you out and give you your money back if this wasn’t a good fit. 

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