The 5 Day Belting Blueprint

The ultimate crash course that sends you on your way to the belt of your dreams! 

Create big sounds without pushing, getting worn out or losing power.

Get the "5 Day Belting Blueprint" course!

Get out of your head and feel confident about your voice and belt today!

In this on demand video training, I will break down both the fundamentals and several advanced belting strategies for you, step by step, part by part, so you have a blueprint to go back to as often as you like. You'll soon be on your way to build the belt of your dreams!


"I’m loving these trainings, everything is very clear and I understand things that sometimes pass me by. Thanks for the brilliant promts and feedback, Matilda!"

- Elinor Jane Moran, singer, London UK.

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Get the "5 Day Belting Blueprint" course!

Going through the Belting Blueprint you will:

  • Learn how the “Big Belt” can help you find and keep thickness in the higher range without unnecessary effort or pushing air. 
  • Explore the “Celine Belt” that will help you migrate to higher notes without straining, by adding nasality that will boost the brightness and make sure you won’t lose the richness! 
  • Uncover the fabulous features of projection and ring, to use both to fit the style and also to make up the “Belting choreography” so you won’t get tired. 
  • Get blown away from how your “Belting Boosters” can enhance and stabilize your belting set up and help you activate the right muscles above and below your larynx to increase power and stamina.
  • Discover tricks to find my version of the “Quiet Belt” so you can last longer without compromising the intense sound we often strive for. Having this as an option can lead your belt to more dynamic vocal freedom and is amazing both on stage and in the studio!

After the 5 videos you will..

  • Be equipped with several new tools and tricks to build up your belt in a healthy and intentional way.
  • Enjoy those belt notes instead of fearing them!!
  • Confidently believe that your voice can do amazing things - you have all the parts, you just need to know what to do with them!


Get the "5 Day Belting Blueprint" course!
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"It's so cool to get the recipes for different belts. This is not only belting, it's so much more! Matilda is an excellent voice coach, always encouraging, attentive and full of never ending solutions for your voice!"

- Johanna Palmqvist, singer, Stockholm, Sweden.

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What's in the Blueprint?

  • 5 training videos with one new belting tool each day/video. I’ll teach you several ways to find it, how to practice and how to use it. Step by step, part by part. 
  • Lots of answers! As you go through the training, you'll learn from all the questions I’m answering that comes up in these videos. 
  • BONUS! If you still have questions, you can ask them in the private Facebook community group where you also can connect with other belters, and take part of the belting playlist if you need inspiration for your practice!

I recommend watching one video each day to digest the content in between (it's a lot!). But of course you can binge watch and go through the material again and again. You can ask questions in the Private Facebook group or in the comment section underneath each video.

5 Day Belting Blueprint



  • 5 training videos with tangible tools for your belt!
  • Access to the course for the lifetime of it!
  • BONUS! A private Facebook group with support and answers to your questions.
Get the "5 Day Belting Blueprint" course!
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Discover new things in your voice or it's free - a 30 days money back guarantee.

Watch the videos, follow along in the exercises, take notes, and go back to the videos again. If you work on implementing this during 30 days and still can't hear or feel new things in your voice - you’re backed by the 30-day money back guarantee! 

Most likely you will have many belting revelations after going through this course! But if you are not happy, I will meet with you to hear you out on what didn't work and how you've practiced and if it turnes out it wasn't a good fit for you - I will courteously give you your money back.  

Get the "5 Day Belting Blueprint" course!

"I really enjoy Matilda’s voice tips, she always explains things in ways that are useful for all ability levels. And how she teaches and demonstrates the quiet belt was game changing to me! She can make a difficult song sound so easy and now I understand how to get there with my own voice."

- Delorca, artist and voice coach, Montreal, Canada. 

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You can get out of your head and feel confident about your voice and belt, so why wait any longer!  

Get the "5 Day Belting Blueprint" course!



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